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Discover the hidden beauty of ATHENS and the area around only in few hours. This ancient city is located in between 4 high green mountains and nearby its incredible Aegean sea. Take the chance to stroll through the ancients paths in Plaka, taste the famous Greek food or enjoy to the full the green treasures of the mountains. Treat yourself to the amazing seaside landscape and experience sailing to the unique nearby islands of Aegean to explore the natural sea caves and more. Greek music is not missed along with the unique Greek hospitality!
Kesariani Monastery 1

Duration 4 hours

Experience the magic of Athens nature and its amazing mountain landscapes, just 5 km east of the city center. It’s Hymettus mountain, the green forest, with plenty of paths for hiking. We will drive to the mountain to visit the Byzantine Kaisariani Monastery of the 12th century, known for its unique architecture. Continue walking to see the beautiful Botanical Garden of the mountain, with various flowers and rare plants that create a beautiful scenery in the green nature of the mountain. Admire the beautiful view of Athens inside a fairy tale landscape. Walk around the paved alleys and paths in the forest of Hymettus mountain and breath all the oxygen to refresh your body and soul. If you are lucky, you will get to see some donkeys that walk around the hills of the mountain or some fox crossing the road behind you.


Duration 3 hours

Been on the road for too long? Been on the cruise ship forever? You didn’t have the chance to swim and enjoy the beautiful waters of Greece? Don’t worry. We have the best water fun tour for you. You will be picked up and transferred to one of the best organized beaches of Athens Riviera where you will have your own sunbed and sun umbrella plus a complimentary water sport activity. From Jet Ski to Kayak, Kite surfing and Sailing, you get to choose the kinds of water sports you wish to enjoy. For the most daring of you, there are Parachute and Fly fish water sport activities that will offer you an amazing water fun experience full of adrenaline.


Duration 4 hours

Transfer to Sounio, the gem of the Athenian Riviera’s South east coast. Our first stop will be the temple of Poseidon built in the 5th century BC with 34 Doric columns of which 15 are still there, waiting to uncover their great history in front of you. This temple is of 60 m above the sea which offers a breathtaking view of the amazing Aegean Sea and the beach at the foothill. Our second stop will be at a local Winery, where you will have a tour in the vineyards, learn the procedure of making wine, taste varieties of the finest quality wine and then have a delicious local cuisine meal.

Thermal Springs Vouliagmenis Lake

Duration 5 hours

Transfer to the South coast of Athens, the famous thermal Lake of Vouliagmeni. The lake has various therapeutic characteristics thanks to its, enriched with minerals, thermal waters. Between the naturally shaped rocky caves, Vouliagmeni lake lies, next to the beach of Vouliagmeni and offers you a chance to discover the real beauty of healing swim and relaxation. Indulge your senses and spoil yourself with the ultimate experience of swimming in the healing waters of stable temperature (22-29°C) all year and feel the therapeutic energy fill your body and soul. After your swim, enjoy a body massage treatment, on the beautiful private outdoor lounges or a fitness activity designed for your personal needs. An optional lunch is provided, either at the Lake’s or at a nearby seaside restaurant.


Duration 3 hours

Experience the true culinary experience by tasting the best street food in town. We have chosen the top street food places that will make you feel and eat like a local. No matter what your culinary preferences are, we are here to fulfill your wish for the ultimate tasteful tour, at places that use only fresh and local products. We will have the chance to taste several Greek meze, like: Eggplants with tomato sauce and garlic, Stuffed Green peppers and tomatoes with herbed rice, Dolmades (stuffed Vineyard leaves with spiced rice), Zucchini and feta cheese fried balls. Our next stop will be to taste the souvlaki, traditional Greek meal of grilled meat wrapped of special bread with tomato, French fries, onions and tzatziki sauce and lot more. Our last stop, will be at one of the best local pastry shops, where you will end your tasteful day tour with all the traditional sweets of Greece, like handmade Spoon sweets (made from seasonable fruits and sugar), Bougatsa (pastry with milk and butter filling), Galaktoboureko (pie with sweet crème filling) and many more.


Duration 3 hours

When you visit a city for the first time, the first thing that comes to mind is to have a true local experience. So what is the best way to take a taste of the local everyday life? Eat, Drink and dance like a local. We work with the best restaurants, that offer top quality food and services. Whether you wish to have your lunch by the sea in one of the various sea side restaurants, or you wish to stay downtown and have your lunch at a roof top with breathtaking view of Acropolis and Athens, we are here to make your wish come true. Feel the true meaning of the Greek hospitality and feast, by experiencing 3 in 1 joyful and memorable moments. Taste delicious food, dance traditional Greek dances and live it. It’s a unique experience.


Duration 4 hours

You will visit a traditional seaside restaurant, where you will have a cooking lesson and learn to cook various traditional Greek recipes. Cooking in Greece is an amazing enjoyable experience. After your cooking lesson, you will sit back and taste your creations with fine wine, enjoying the waves puffing on the shore and gaze at the blue waters of the sea. After this tour, you will have a complete knowledge of the best Greek recipes and try them at home.


Duration 4 hours

Discover the magic of the Athenian landscapes and combine them with historical important sites at Penteli Mountain which is famous for its marble that was used to build the ancient temples, like the Parthenon. Your first stop will be at the Rodofani Castle built for the Duchess of Plaisance who had supported the Greek government after liberation from the Ottoman occupation in 19th century. Your second stop will be Penteli Cave of the 5th century BC with many tunnels and caves, all preserved until now, and the double Byzantine church built into the rocky entrance. There is a very strong magnetic field in the whole area that makes the cars go uphill while being on the way down the road. Afterwards, we will visit the Byzantine Penteli Monastery surrounded by the 500 years old trees. You will see the cave known as the Secret School where Greek education was handled by monks secretly since it was forbidden under the Ottomans’ occupation. Also, you’ll see the various cultivations of vegetables and fruits of the monks, as well as their residents that gives a taste of their monastic life. You will have a meal in between massive trees and amazing nature tasting traditional lunch with top quality local wine.


Duration 3 hours

Looking for wellness, it is a great feeling specially in Greece. Visit a beautiful Athenian Riviera beach, where you will have your training session in the most amazing seaside landscape. Whether you wish to participate in a Yoga or a Pilates session on the beach, you will experience a true indulging training session. Rejuvenate yourself with the top professionals of the training industry. Just put on your comfortable clothes, some sunscreen, your hat and let your body stretch and your soul relieve within a picturesque environment.


Duration 4 hours

Starting from one of the several small ports of Athens, your boat trip will stop first at a small inhabited island across the Athenian shore, Hydroussa, where you will dive in the crystal-clear waters and do some snorkeling. Then you will stop at some hidden gem beaches, only accessible by boat, and have a total privacy and quietness. Feel the vibe of the amazing turquoise waters, see the natural sea caves and relax under the Attica’s sun. Sit back on one of the comfortable sunbeds of the boat, while you enjoy a cocktail. After the Athens Riviera boat tour, enjoy a delicious meal on board, prepared by one of our top chefs.