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Crete is one of the largest and most attractive of all the Greek islands. Through history Crete has been the site of several civilizations including the Minoan, Venetian and the Ottomans. Aside from its wealth of history Crete also offers glorious beaches, fertile valleys and impressive landscapes. Take the opportunity to enjoy the rich gastronomic culture offered. The island hospitality, accompanied with the local lifestyle, will make you want to remain on this very special island. Crete is a microcosm offering beauties and treasure that will last long after you leave her shores.


Duration 4 hours

You have the chance to walk around the city of Heraklion, a beautiful pedestrian site, admire the old harbor and the Rocca a Mare Fortress, the Venetian architecture of the Loggia, the famous Lion’s square, the St. Mark’s Basilica and the great market street in the heart of the town. St. Titus church is one of most important monuments in the city center, dated back to 828 AC, and reflects the history of the island. Do not lose the chance to taste local gastronomy, since Crete is famous for its local food products and drinks. There will be free time for shopping.


Duration 4 hours

In this tour you will taste the famous Greek wine and cuisine as you are houseguest to a Cretan village at Peza wine valley. The famous Cretan products are of 4.000 years ago, and known all over the world. You will discover the way of wine and “raki” making, and will taste cheese, olives, and crispbread. You will see the local lifestyle, their daily diet and their way of celebration with local dance and Greek music. Cretan hospitality will make you feel like home. The panoramic view of Crete with its valleys and mountains is very impressive. On the way back to the port you will have some free time to explore Heraklion City center with its Lion’s square, Venetian Loggia, Market street and the old harbor with its fortress walls.


Duration 4 hours

Fifteen minutes away from the port of Souda, lies the city of Chania which contains three different influences, Minoan Civilization, Turkish occupation and Venetian residence. The narrow alleys and the Venetian architecture of the houses give the city a unique cosmopolitan spirit. Walk across the Old Venetian harbor, the 21-meters high lighthouse of Chania and the picturesque panoramic view of the city. Get to the local Market and taste all fresh food products, drinks and Greek herbs. Afterwards, you will visit the Firka Fortress, a Venetian fortification from the 16th century, that was a significant point of the protection of the harbor. The Archaeological Museum as well as the Folklore Museum are recommended to learn about Minoan civilization and the current Cretan lifestyle. Walking through the many paths in the city to explore this glorious part of the island by the sea, is an amazing experience.